How Hiring a Copywriting Expert Can Multiply Your Conversion Rate, Influx Your Business with Cash, and Make Your Brand Name the Best Known in Your Industry

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If you’re a business professional or entrepreneur who wants to make the big bucks but knows he shouldn’t be writing his or her own sales copy, then this is the most important web page you will ever read.

In this economy, the only businesses that move beyond survival mode and actually thrive are the ones that are constantly and aggressively improving their sales and marketing.   If you’re “just getting by,” or worse, losing profits, then it’s only a matter of time before the “bad stuff” happens.  This can include layoffs, higher debts, and at its worst, bankruptcy.

However, the good news is that it can be stunningly simple to turn your business around and start raking in the profits you deserve.  If you have a quality product and follow through on your customer service, then there is no reason why you should be settling for so-so success when you could be a market leader.

My name is Dan Axelrod and I am a professional copywriter.

My business is called “Real Sales Copy” because that is what I do, create compelling copy that sells.  While there are a number of well-meaning and even highly regarded freelance writers out there, the vast majority of them have no idea how to write copy that persuades a customer to reach into his wallet and enter his credit card number into your website.

What Is Direct Response?

There are really only two types of writing in the business world: “Content” and “Sales Copy.”

“Content” refers to any written materials that do not lead directly to sales for your company.  This can include articles, blog posts, educational newsletters, and press releases.

Sales Copy” is anything designed to put money into your company’s bank account.  These include sales letters, website sales pages, brochures, direct mail, emails, autoresponders, and anything with a “Buy Now” button.

Everything I write has been designed to sell your products and services.  In fact, because a true sales copywriter is trained in bringing in profits, this can sometimes be the best possible investment for your company.  If you have a product or service you’re proud of and an audience willing to hear your message, then there’s no reason why we can’t get your website or mail piece to pull in profits.

I’ve gone through an immense amount of  training and experience to make sure you get the best possible sales copy for your business.   Along with an MBA from one of the top entrepreneurial programs, I have apprenticed with John Carlton’s team and  mastered the techniques of copywriting legends John Caples, Claude Hopkins, and David Ogilvy.

A recent client of mine closed over $22,000 in new client contracts over a couple of months without spending more than $1087 on Facebook Ads.  This was done with a simple lead-generating landing page with powerful salesmanship.  I want to do the same – or more– for you and your business.

Fill out my contact form and I will reach you within 48 hours of receiving your information.  Please include as much detail about your project as possible, so I can prepare a plan of action for your success.

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How Hiring a Copywriting Expert Can Multiply Your Conversion Rate, Influx Your Business with Cash, and Make Your Brand Name the Best Known in Your Industry