About Me

Daniel Axelrod has been in Internet Marketing for four years.  While completing his MBA at San Diego State University, he got involved with affiliate marketing and promoting other merchant’s products, specifically David DeAngelo’s “Double Your Dating” ebook and DVD sets.  He built a website to promote this material and designed his own content-rich site and blog to build a steady readership.

From there, Daniel went on to promote products from other industries and took corporate full time positions managing SEO, Pay Per Click Marketing, Affiliate Management, and Email Marketing for a number of companies and clients.  He spent a significant amount of time working in the Health & Wellness Industry, while still writing copy for Personal Development products he sold as an affiliate.

In 2010, Daniel decided that copywriting was what he did best, and started his own copywriting business at RealSalesCopy.com.

His influences and mentors include:

  • John Carlton
  • John Caples
  • Claude Hopkins
  • Harlan Kilstein
  • Ray Edwards

Since Daniel began his marketing career as an affiliate, paid only on commission, he learned very early on that his writing was only effective if it sold products.  If it was enjoyable to read and informative, that was fine, but the top priority would always be that a website visitor or email list member made the decision to click the “BUY NOW” button.

This website is titled Real Sales Copy to emphasize that the writing you purchase will always be 100% sales oriented, and will always bring back many times your investment for the written materials.  If you’re looking for just pleasant descriptions that are grammatically correct, you should go to another site with less expensive services.  In fact, if you don’t have a goal of making at least $50,000 from the product or sales campaign you’re working on, you’re probably talking to the wrong guy.

To get started right away…  Contact Daniel Axelrod with as much information about your project as possible.