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Text Your Ex Back – Michael Fiore  (Slides)

Automatic Seduction System – Chris Anderson (60 Years of Challenge)   Warning: Strong Sexual Language
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Kimberly Snyder – Glowing Lean System (Slides)

FoodBlogger – Food Related Biz-Opp

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ChiroMatrix – Lead Generation for Chiropractic Website Company (Made $20,000 in Closed Contracts from $1000 Ad Spend)

Jonathan Budd – Network Marketing Info Product

Panda Breakthrough – SEO Video Product

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ChiroMatrix – Published in Chiropractic Economics Magazine


ChiroMatrix – Upsell to Premium Package for Web Marketing (Resulting in 84 Client Calls)

Expert Witness Search – Referral Service For Attorneys

Galient Insurance – Workers’ Compensation

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Galient Insurance – Workers’ Compensation

Upright Health – Posture Correction & Physical Therapy


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For Single Men:

How To Succeed With Women

If you’re looking to improve your relationships with women, get a girlfriend, or simply “get laid” (I know the deal), then this flyer will be the most important message you ever read.

My name is DJ Fuji (feel free to call me Darren), and I am a professional Dating & Lifestyle Coach.My full-time job is helping men succeed in their relationship and lifestyle goals.

Men come to me when their current approach with women “isn’t working.”Some of my students have never had a girlfriend, or even kissed a girl.Others have women in their life, but think they could be doing better.

Whether your problem is “not enough women,” “not enough hot women,” or “no women at all,” I can help you.I teach group classes, and also give private instruction.There are benefits to both, and if you call me, I can help you decide which is best for you.The first call is always free, so don’t hesitate to ask me any questions that are on your mind.

All in-person trainings, calls, and inquiries are 100% confidential.Your privacy is my top priority.

“I’ve gotten over 100 women’s phone numbers since training with DJ Fuji”

– Joe P. from Los Angeles

“DJ Fuji is quite possibly the best instructor on the planet.”

– Adonis of

At first I was skeptical, but after seeing him kiss a girl within 5 minutes of meeting her, I knew that this stuff works.”

– Derek K from Irvine


Dj Fuji’s Credentials

·4 Years of Teaching Experience

·Hundreds of Student Success Stories

·Demonstrates Approaching Women Right In Front Of You

·Short Term & Long Term Coaching

·Fashion Consultations

·Students of All Ages (18 – 60)

·Expert on both Night Game (Bars & Clubs) and Day Game (Malls & Shops)

·100% Guaranteed


Call me at (714) 686-3166 for a free consultation or to answer any questions.