Websites –  Most of the time, you have one shot to get your prospect to take action on your website.  Maybe it’s to put their email in to request more information, or maybe it’s to buy right then and there.  No matter what it is, if your sales copy isn’t designed to result in the consumer taking action, your site is failing at its job.  Unless you just want to provide free information without compensation, you are losing out with every customer who visits and leaves.

No matter what your site format is, I will be able to write the appropriate copy for it.  I can do Business to Business marketing and I can do Business to Consumer marketing.  You might have a long sales letter that needs to be written for a product launch.  Maybe it’s short but complete product descriptions for your catalogue.  Maybe you need work on your “About Us” page or your Case Studies/Testimonials.  Whatever the case, I will write powerfully to make you money.

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Brochures & Flyers –  If your business serves your local neighborhood or metro area, chances are you can benefit from some old fashioned grassroots marketing.  If you go to trade shows, are your marketing communications up to par?  If college students are part of your market, have you posted at your local community colleges and universities?  Maybe your local coffee shops have bulletin boards for local businesses as well.  No matter what your audience is, I can help design brochures and flyers that will result in your prospects visiting your website or picking up the phone to dial you.

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Emails & Autoresponders – If you’re constantly emailing your list with boring, over-salesy, or meaningless emails, you’re killing the very contact list you worked so hard to create.  Even if your list members are not unsubscribing, your emails could easily stay unopened in their inbox along with the other junk they ignore.  I will give you subject lines that demand to be opened, and messages that result in your list members clicking your link and getting re-excited about that product they asked about so long ago.  If you have a new list you’ve just started building, I will make sure you get off on the right foot.  I can help you design a full 5-10 part autoresponder for all new prospects, as well as help you create broadcasts and new-product and discount promotional announcements.

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Online Dating Profiles – Does your profile on, JDate, PlentyofFish, or Eharmony sound boring or generic?  If you’re not getting messages, and no one’s responding when you write to them, there’s probably a lot I can help you with, including your Username, Headline, Likes/Dislikes, Description, etc.  You may not think this is an area that needs professional help, but believe me, I can get you more success on dating sites.  Chances are, your profile isn’t reflecting who YOU are, and the people viewing are missing out. Let me see what I can do to make your profile magnetic to the women or men you’re looking for.

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